GUEST PRESENTER Rachel Bridge – Navigating turbulent emotions in children

Navigating turbulent emotions in children

Explore the reasons behind challenging behaviours in children and acquire practical skills to support both yourself and the child.

Psychologist Rachel Bridge is presenting her ‘Supporting Childhood Complexity in Care’ as an ECTARC webinar in March.

Join Rachel as she provides up-to-date psychological understandings of the way our children’s brains operate, how brains and behaviours are impacted by stress, and how we as educators can develop practical skills for supporting children’s growth and development. The session will include

  • Exploring the ‘why’ behind challenging childhood behaviours.
  • Learning about the neuropsychological underpinnings involved in dysregulated states.
  • Developing current ‘best practice’ understanding and practical skills for supporting children through emotional turbulence.
  • Growing your capacity to support healthy emotional development for the children in your care.
  • Planning to meet your own needs as an educator.

Meet Rachel Bridge

Rachel is a perinatal, child & family psychologist and has been working with children and their families for ten plus years. As a mama of three, she describes herself as a person who loves to love, and values strong, honest and authentic connections with others.

Through her work of sharing in the journey of parents, as well as her own experiences as a mother, she is deeply passionate about working to improve parental wellbeing whilst also fostering infant and child development.

“I currently support families therapeutically in my private practice based in Wollongong, Australia. My psychology services is part of a collective of perinatal services known as Mama Base, of which I am the founding director. Through Mama Base, I work collaboratively with local community organisations to provide holistic and evidence-based support to families. I am also the resident psychologist for Calm Birth Australia, a freelance writer and the author of the children’s therapeutic picture book, ‘The Puzzle Of Us’” Rachel Bridge.

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