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ECTARC delivers training for trainees and apprentices in NSW, QLD and ACT.

In NSW and ACT, training is given to trainees via distance education with support visits at the service.

In QLD, training is given to trainees and apprentices in the service and supported with online initiatives.

All trainees and apprentices are given access to ECTARC’s Training Portal that provides learning materials, messaging with ECTARC Training Officers and assessment submission section.

Traineeships are an excellent way for someone to commence an early childhood career. Many services take on a trainee each year to bring new staff into their centres and provide career opportunities for those wanting to enter the sector. Traineeship courses give educators an opportunity to pass on their knowledge and skills which they have gained from years of experience working with children. The Australian government also provides financial incentives to assist with the cost of employing a trainee.

Download the Australian Government’s Incentives Information here.

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