Current Webinars

27-Oct-2020 Who’s Responsible – Approved provider, Nominated Supervisor, Responsible person? – NESA REGISTERED PD
27-Oct-2020 Supporting Children’s Transition to School – A collaborative approach 
28-Oct-2020 Understanding the National Quality Framework – NESA REGISTERED PD
29-Oct-2020 Thoughtful Environments – Creating spaces that inspire learners
03-Nov-2020 STEM in Early Childhood – Why it matters!
03-Nov-2020 Supporting Children’s Behaviour – A shared approach – NESA REGISTERED PD
04-Nov-2020 Hygiene and Infection Control
05-Nov-2020 Language and Literacy in Early Childhood
10-Nov-2020 The Early Years Learning Framework in Relation to Babies & Toddlers
10-Nov-2020 Reframing Challenging Behaviour – Individualised programming for children – NESA REGISTERED PD
17-Nov-2020 The Educational Leader – Unpacking the role – NESA REGISTERED PD
17-Nov-2020 Oh No! It’s Raining! – Providing opportunities for physical activities no matter the weather
18-Nov-2020 Let’s Get Physical
19-Nov-2020 Work, Health and Safety in an Early Childhood Educational Care Setting
24-Nov-2020 Navigating the National Quality Standard – NESA REGISTERED PD
24-Nov-2020 Child Protection (Overview) – with optional Bridging – NESA REGISTERED PD
25-Nov-2020 Reflection – Engaging in professional practice – NESA REGISTERED PD
26-Nov-2020 Managing Parent Complaints for Continuous Improvement
01-Dec-2020 Communication and Team Building
01-Dec-2020 Language and Literacy in Early Childhood
03-Dec-2020 Purposeful, Program, Practice, Assessment and Planning – NESA REGISTERED PD