USI – Unique Student Identifier

What is a USI?

A USI is a Unique Student Indentifier number.

The Australian Government now requires all students studying a nationally recognised qualification to get a USI. Your USI links to an online account that contains all your training records and results (transcript) that you have completed from 1 January 2015 onwards. By having a USI you will be able to access your training records and results (or transcript) whenever you need them. For example, for a new employer or when you enrol to study at a training organisation. For detailed information on the USI please visit the Australian Government’s Department of Industry website at

How do you get a USI?


Follow the steps here to get a USI. It is pretty easy and quick to do.

This is the really important bit! Submit your USI!

Once you obtain your USI number you must send it to ECTARC. Complete this form below to submit your USI number to ECTARC.


Unique Student Identifier submission form

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