On Thursday 6th June 2013 I attended the Creative Aspirations workshop run by ECTARC. It was fantastic! I see myself as being quite creative and aim to inspire that passion in the children I work with (as well as the educators). This workshop delivered above and beyond my expectations. From delving around the theorists and being refreshed of their approaches towards creativity, to hands on play and interaction with the whole group – a great reminder all round to empower children with the passion of creating and the journey it can lead them on. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone – whether you believe you’re creative or not – it was very well put together and lots of fun. I went back to my centre filled with new ideas and on sharing this with the other educators they caught the creative bug through me reflecting back to them. 5 paint splats out of 5!”

~ Meredith, Additional Needs Support Worker, Christ Church Gladesville Preschool


Email sent to Meaghan Westwood, ECTARC Training and Development Officer (QLD) 23/10/13:

Dear Meaghan,

As my studies are coming to and end I thought would just send you (finally!) a little note to thank you for all your support and guidance throughout my time of study. Your advice,excess knowledge and encouragement has been well recognised and has helped me immensely to get through my course. I definitely found the assessments easier to comprehend because of your clear expectations and explanations.

Your calmness, positive outlook and feedback was appreciated and I will take on board with me throughout my career as an Educator your style of leadership and mentoring skills.
I also want to thank you for putting forward that I attend a very memorable workshop “Connecting to Culture” as I found it came at a time when I was in need of it most. There are parts of it I will take with me on my personal journey as well as work journey. It was nice to have some one advocate for me and recommend such a worthwhile learning tool.

It’s a shame that our meetings have come to a closure as I enjoyed the study process and the extra mile you went to to resource any information I needed to develop my skills further.
You are very professional and great at your job and again I thank you for this positive learning experience.

Take care
and see you soon

Kelly Turner